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The organisation of activities depends upon the climate generated through teacher pupil interaction. A receptive atmosphere is likely to uphold learning situations.

Morning Assembly

The college begins with morning assemly prayer, thought for the day and National Anthem. Each Sadan is on duty for a week and is responsible for making the arrangements under the guidance of sadan incharge.

Moral Education

For moral education Havan Yajana is performed by the staff members and pupil teachers on special occasions. Lectures of eminent scholars are arranged on moral education. Special emphasis is laid on the intellectual development and refinement of aesthetic and spiritual dimension of pupil teacher personality through declamation, bhajan Sangeet and recitation of verses from the scriptures.

Tutorial bring

To bring close contact between students and teacher, the students are divided into smaller groups. Each group is placed under a tutor who guides and helps them to develop their personalities better. The conveners of the tutorial groups from the Council of Students to assist the staff in the organization of various functions in the college.

Extension Lecturers, Seminars and Workshops

Extension lecturers, seminars and workshops are organized in the college related with the contents of B.Ed. and M.Ed. course from time to time to keep them abreast of the latest knowledge to be a part of globalisation.

Education Society

Education Society shall be organised. Presidents and secretaries of subject associations shall be its members. Staff members from languages, social sciences and sciences shall be associated with it. Book reviews, Brain Trust/Academici tournaments and Inter Sadan Handwriting competition, Teaching Skill Competition, Bulletin Board may be some of the activities of this body.

Litrary and Subject Societies

Litrary Association, Sc. and Maths Association, Social Cell Sciences Association, Eco Club, Youth Welfare Society, Research development, Guidance and Placement Cell, Women Cell and conduct activities in their respective fields.

College Magazine

The college magazine is named “The Glory of Education” The student editors for its English, Hindi, Science, Planning forum, Mathematics Association are choosen on the basis of an expression test.

School Captains

Scool Captains (Pupil Teacher Supervisors) are nominated for each practising school to serve as the vital link between the college and the practising school. They assist the lecturer supervisors. They are awarded merit certificates.






  •   Computer Lab, LAN with internet Facility
  •   Hostel Facility for Girls with all modern amenities
  •   Well Equipped Computerised Library
  •   Gym
  •   Discipline, Excellence and Hard Work
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